Open House For Regional Housing Strategy Now Live

Residents of the Southern Alleghenies have an opportunity to shape the development of a new, six-county housing strategy.

An online open house and survey for the project, known as Alleghenies Ahead on Housing, is available at and will be open through November 18. The open house describes the project’s background and presents key findings, while the survey seeks input on levels of housing satisfaction and housing priorities in Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Fulton, Huntingdon, and Somerset counties.

Alleghenies Ahead on Housing was launched in August and is coordinated by the Southern Alleghenies Planning & Development Commission (SAP&DC). An 8-member advisory committee is helping to guide the project along with consultants from czbLLC. When completed this December, the strategy will provide recommendations to improve housing opportunities and guide action at the regional, county, and municipal levels.

“This online open house and survey shares important information learned during the project so far and is designed to collect feedback that can be used to identify priority housing issues in different parts of the region,” said Brandon Peters, SAP&DC’s Director of Planning & Community Development. “Housing is a priority across the region, but we recognize that strategies will need to be customized to reflect local conditions and needs.”

The regional housing strategy comes in the wake of housing being identified as a priority in the Recovery and Resilience Plan commissioned by SAP&DC in response to COVID-19.

The issue was also prioritized across the region in Alleghenies Ahead, the comprehensive plan shared by all six of the region’s counties and adopted in 2018.


Dustin Bishop
Disaster Recovery Coordinator |Planning & Community Development | 814-949-6511

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