Regional Data Available

Regional Data Available

SAP&DC serves as an affiliate of the Pennsylvania State Data Center, Pennsylvania’s official source of population and economic statistics. As an affiliate, SAP&DC maintains an extensive library of population and economic statistics and reports about the region. SAP&DC assists the region’s local governments, non-profits, businesses, and the public in accessing population and economic information.

Data is available on-request, and can be customized to a user-defined geographic area. Data available includes:

  • American Community Survey Data
  • Employment and Industry Data
  • U.S. Decennial Census Data (Current and Historical)
  • U.S. Economic Census Data


American Community Survey

American Fact Finder

Census Bureau’s Small Area Health Insurance Estimates

National Agricultural Statistics Service – Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Department of Health

Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry – PA Work Stats

Pennsylvania State Data Center

The Center for Rural Pennsylvania

United States Census Bureau

United States Department of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics

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